Vision For Africa Int’l Alumni Association

Vision For Africa Int'l Alumni Association

The Vision For Africa Int’l Alumni is an association that is bringing together everyone who has been supported by VFAI in one way or another, in this case- education. We have come a long way and had no platform of gathering us together after studies but now its here.

Vision for Africa Intl has been a blessing to all of us. Our lives have been changed from a state of hopelessness to discovering our purpose in life. It is on these grounds that our goals for the Alumni are hinged.

  • Be a blessing to Vision for Africa Intl, community and the nation at large. We would do this by contributing to the education of those within the sponsorship program, volunteering in different areas where need arises within the ministry or community, mentor and counsel children within the sponsorship program etc.
  • To create a network amongst ourselves. Many of you don’t know each but the association intend to bring you together to help one another as brothers and sisters.
  • To create a pool of human resource. It has been hard to talk about the number of students who have qualified in different fields because you were all scattered. VFAI sowed seed but was not able to see the fruit because very few people came back to show what they had achieved. Coming together will help update each other on what is happening in our lives as a family.
  • Creating a SACCO (Savings & Credit Co-operative). This will help us learn to save and support those who want to start up businesses to borrow where necessary.

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Vision For Africa Int’l Alumni Association